Muro Lucano

Region: Basilicata Province: Potenza

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11 Messages to “Muro Lucano”
  1. Cathy says:

    Does anyone have a recipe for Mugliaz, Mia mama e 93 anni mid padre era da Euro Lucano, perf mama tene Alzheimer e non se recorrder . My Italian is not good. I am trying to get recipes she made for us.

    Millie Grazie

  2. Joseph Pascale Realdine says:

    Aloha All
    We had a very close family Catholic priest named Don Antonio from Muro Lucano. He had a small chapel there. It was there to honor St. Gerald Majella. He had a large painting there. I just learned from my 88 year old Mom that I am the boy in that painting. Don Antonio would come to America and bring us cheese and he would return with cloths. I also mention the town in my soon to be released book Tasty Safety. I would love to know if the chapel is still in town. I now live in Hawaii and would love to travel and visit there. Any information would be helpful. Mahalo Nui Loa. God Bless JR

    • Jerry says:

      I knew Don Antonio. Growing up he would always come to my parents house for dinner when he came to Americain the 60s n 70s. In 1970 I visited Muro and I saw Don Antonio. E took us up to the top to show us the chapel. I don’t remember it being very big. I know my parents donated money towards its building. The last time I saw him was here in1982. I was building my home and he blessed it. I was in Muro Lucano in 2006. I did not go up to the chapel. Their was much work going on up their from the earthquake damage. I know when i went with my mom I took pictures of chapel. When I see y brother in law I will ask him if he remembers painting. He was born in Muro. Hope this helps

  3. lucy says:

    my grandmother and grandfather antonia lenzi zarriello and giovanni zarriello and maria theresa zarriello (my mother) owned and operated a fruit farm in muro lucano, italy 1896 and legally i own that property and will sell it. can the officials of muro lucano contact me as to how i can process legal documents originated in muro lucano to me so i can proceed with the selling of this farm ……ciao’ LUCY LENZI ZARRIELLO VITIELLO RIZZI

  4. Dennis says:

    Anything that you could tell me about my family name Petiilo, who was formerly named Zarriello ????

  5. Mildred says:

    I believe my father Michael Margiotta was born in Muro Lucano and my
    grandfather was sheriff of that town. Is there anything you can tell
    me regarding any Margiotta that may still be there and the ones that
    have left.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi! We share the same last name, my father George Margiotta has been doing a lot of research of our family, and has been pretty successful.

    • Jerry Margiotta says:

      My father, michelino Margiotta was born on October 12, 1902 in Miri Lucano. His father, Petrio, was a jailkeeper I believe. His mother, guesipina, died shortly after my dad was born. My dad came to America in March, 1921. He lived in Chicago, California nyc and finally New Jersey. Could he be your father? He did travel a lot up til 1933. Please let me know.
      Thanks Jerry Margiotta

  6. lucy says:

    How can I get information about my roots which is Muro Lucano, Italyand can I have the name of the Mayor of that town in 1896

  7. lucy says:

    Can you tell me about Antonia Lenzi Zarriello who owned and operated a fruit farm in Muro Lucano in 1896. Her son was kidnapped and taken to New York City in 1896.

  8. Robert says:

    Can you tell me anything about Trerotola family in this area?

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