Matera DOC

The Doc Matera regulation comprises six different types of wine: Rosso, Primitivo, Moro, Greco, Bianco and Spumante. Each wine is obtained from specific vines and with different production techniques. Matera Rosso is made from Sangiovese, Aglianico and Primitivo grapes to which other black grapes from other native non-aromatic vines may be added.
Matera Primitivo is made with 90% Primitivo grapes.
A more international grape mixture characterises Matera Moro, which requires 60% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 10% Merlot as well as 20% Primitivo and grapes from other local vines.
Greco Bianco grapes are mainly used to make Matera Greco (85%) together with other indigenous white grapes.
Malvasia Bianca di Basilicata, Greco Bianco and other small quantities of grapes from other vines go to make Matera Bianco.
Finally, Matera Spumante is obtained from the same vines that produce the grapes for the Bianco, but with a different wine-making process and only by natural re-fermentation.
The entire wine-making process must be done in the regional territory. A maximum yield of 10 tons per hectare has been established for the various vineyards.
The alcoholic content is between 10.5 degrees for the Bianco and the
Greco and 12.5 for Primitivo.
Rosso, Primitivo and Moro can only be released for sale after an obligatory aging period of twelve months starting from the November 1st of the production year.
Since there is such a wide range of this Doc wine, one is spoilt for choice in terms of gastronomical accompaniments. We can go from a young white wine to a fullbodied and important red like the Primitivo or the Moro.
Matera Bianco and Greco are ideal with light first courses, soups, like consommé, vegetables, like potatoes and, of course, fish from the Ionian Sea. Although Matera Rosso can be drunk throughout the meal, Moro, and even more decidedly so, Primitivo, should be kept for tasty meat dishes and rich sauces. As an aperitif, or to make a toast at a happy event, a glass of Matera Spumante is the classic method.

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