Grottino di Roccanova

Grottino di Roccanova is grown in the mid Val d’Agri in the municipalities of
Roccanova, Castronuovo di Sant’Andrea and Sant’Arcangelo.
The name “Grottino” comes from the traditional custom of keeping the
wine in one of the many wine caves.
Dug into the rock, these caves are a feature of agro-industrial product preservation that can be found in other areas of Basilicata.
The entire town of Roccanova is dotted with a large number of cave
cellars, lovingly handed down from father to son.
They are unique places that, thanks to the temperature and constant humidity, are naturally perfect for wine refining.
The oldest caves date back as far as 1700.
There are over three hundred in existence today Grottino di Roccanova comes in various varieties: Rosso, including nouveau; Rosato both sparkling and sweet; Bianco, in sparkling, sweet and passito versions.
The alcoholic content goes from 10.5 degrees for Grottino di Roccanova Bianco to 14 degrees for Passito.
The grapes must come from vineyards recommended and/or authorised by the Province of Potenza.
The mostly widely used grapes are Sangiovese, Montepulciano, Malvasia
Bianca and Nera di Basilicata.
Grottino di Roccanova Rosso is the most well known of this denomination.

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