Aglianico del Vulture

From the volcanic soils of Vulture comes the first and most famous
Lucanian Doc wine, Aglianico.
Obtained from one of the most important native Italian vines and bearing the same name, Aglianico del Vulture is a noble red wine that has seen an enormous
improvement in quality over the last few years, mostly thanks to the actions of its many producers.
According to the regulations, this wine is produced from purely Aglianico grapes.
The vines are mostly cultivated in the traditional sapling form but are
also grown on spurred cord and Guyot with no forcing.
The maximum yield is 100 quintals per hectare.
Aglianico del Vulture cannot be sold until it has aged for at least one year.
The minimum alcoholic content must be 11.5 degrees.
Because of its characteristics, it can also endure a lengthy refinement and
after three years, two of which in barrels, it qualifies as “Old”, while
five years are necessary to qualify it as “Reserve”.
It is a great red wine, ruby-red in colour, tending towards garnet with
age. Its full and delicate bouquet improves with aging.
It is balanced in the mouth and the tannins are just right.
It tends to become velvety as it ages.
There is also a sparkling version of Aglianico which ferments naturally and is quite sweet.
Cultivated over about 700 hectares and with a production of more than
21,000 hectolitres, Aglianico holds an important position in Lucanian
winemaking and 40% is sent out of the region. Many companies bottle
the wine themselves, especially at Barile, Rionero in Vulture and
Although the wine producers are highly modernised, the ancient caves dug into the rock are often still used for refining.
Aglianico is achieving great results, not only at contests, but also in wine guides.
Promotion of local products and the Vulture area has grown around this wine,
aided also by festivals and exhibitions throughout the region.
Aglianico del Vulture is an ideal wine for the whole meal. It can accompany every course from cold meat and cheese starters to local pasta courses like ravioli and strascinati.
When aged, it is a great wine with roasts and main meat courses like lamb, pork or boar.
It is an ideal accompaniment with mature regional cheeses like Caciocavallo Podolico, Pecorino di Filiano and Canestrato di Moliterno.
We can finish the meal with a glass of sweet Aglianico together with a rustic dessert like taralli and stuffed calzoncelli.
A tip: to enjoy Aglianico del Vulture (particularly the Old and Reserve types) it is a good idea to open it half an hour before and serve in large glasses suitable for great red wines.