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Hidden Heritage: Selected Properties in Italy Hidden Heritage: Selected Properties in Italy

Hidden Heritage is an project devoted to discovering the architectural heritage of small Italian villages In the last years, many buyers invested in the typical mass-tourism Italian towns. “Hidden Heritage” is focused on people interested in the essence of the Italian life, in discovering our roots. The selected properties... [Read more]

The “With Bone” (Brave) Young

We received this article from our reader Gerri Baluch and we gladly publish it Third edition of the National Day “Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” that involves doctors, volunteers and hospital clowns in the Italian squares is back on september 28. The target is: new bone marrow young donors recruitment Year after year, the national event “Ehi tu! Hai... [Read more]

Broken Finger, Broken Rule Broken Finger, Broken Rule

The Difference between Tourists and Travelers We received this article from Maria one of our readers and we liked it. When it comes to traveling, I’ll be the first to admit that I am a bit of a snob, for I consider myself not a tourist, but a traveler. To me, the word tourist has certain connotations, all of them negative. I think the main difference... [Read more]

Calcio Fiorentino: the origins of football

Before soccer, before rugby, before football, in Florence there was “Calcio Fiorentino”! “Calcio Fiorentino” (Florentine kick game) or “Calcio Storico”, takes origins from Greeks and Romans and it was played from centuries in Florence. The match is played in the sand of a temporary arena in Santa Croce Square. The... [Read more]

Our Italian Side Our Italian Side

by Maria Many of us are several generations away from our Italian ancestors that emigrated from Italy all those years ago. We have lived elsewhere for all our lives, as our parents before us have. Still, we hold our Italian side close, hungry for all things Italian—and not just the food, although it plays a big part in Italian life. Sometimes... [Read more]

Souvenirs Souvenirs

by Maria . Vacation time is just around the corner. No matter where you go, you will surely come home with a souvenir. These little trinkets serve to remind us of the good times we had with loved ones, a visit to a far-away place and maybe even new friends we made. Sometimes they hold a special meaning only to us that no one else can see.... [Read more]

Auguri a tutte le mamme! Auguri a tutte le mamme!

Auguri Mamma! Auguri a tutte le mamme! Happy mother’s day! Mamma, son tanto felice perché ritorno da te. La mia canzone ti dice ch’è il più bel sogno per me! Mamma son tanto felice… Viver lontano perché? Mamma, solo per te la mia canzone vola, Mamma, sarai con me, tu non sarai più sola! Quanto ti voglio bene! Queste parole... [Read more]

Language & Cultural Immersion Tour in Matera: Sept. 14th – 21st. Language & Cultural Immersion Tour in Matera: Sept. 14th – 21st.

Immerse yourself in the the Italian language and revel in the culture of the Matera! This unique Linguistic and Cultural Immersion is a custom designed experience which will give each participant the opportunity to study and practice Italian while exploring the city, its food, wines, art and traditions with experienced teachers and guides. The... [Read more]

Giro d’Italia 2013 Started Today in Naples Giro d’Italia 2013 Started Today in Naples

Today, may 4, in Naples started the “Giro d’Italia” 2013. This is the 96th edition of the most famous Italian bycicle race: it was organized for the first time in 1909 by the Italian Sport Daily “La Gazzetta dello Sport“. The race leader is awarded every day with the “maglia rosa“, a pink jersey. Why pink ?... [Read more]

The Flag of Italy The Flag of Italy

We all recognize the flag of Italy, but few of us know its history. The tricolor flag, known in Italy as Il Tricolore, has equal sized bands of green, white and red. According to some the green stands for hope, joy and love; the white signifies peace and honesty; and the red represents bravery, strength and valor But for the Italians the green represents... [Read more]

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