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Walking on the Edge of the Sky… Walking on the Edge of the Sky…

“And suddenly you realize that you’ve been walking like on the edge of paradise”. Apparently enough, this is what many hikers and travelers must have thought when looking at the stunning views beneath them, delighted of the once-in-a-lifetime experience they were having on this unexpected side of the Amalfi Coast, along the world famed “Sentiero... [Read more]

David’s Weak Ankles David’s Weak Ankles

As anyone over 50 can tell you, time and circumstances take their toll on every body. Even Michelangelo’s David, the epitome of the perfect male physique, is suffering from weak ankles. Scientists at the National Research Council and Florence University ran tests and have found fractures in both the carved tree stump and left ankle of the great statue. The... [Read more]

Marina and Her Diary of Travel in Argentina Marina and Her Diary of Travel in Argentina

Il Mio Viaggio di Ritorno a Buenos Aires is a wonderful account by Marina Gabrieli of her anticipated return to the city that has changed her life. Three years ago Marina had spent seven months studying at the University of Buenos Aires and was struck by the people of Italian descent that she met, their continuation of Italian traditions, and their... [Read more]

The Voice of Italy – Suor Cristina wins again! The Voice of Italy – Suor Cristina wins again!

Tonight for the second time Suor Cristina was on the stage at the “Voice of Italy” talent show. Now…try to guess what song a nun will sing….I bet that no one of you will give the right answer. This time for “the battle” the nun sang “girls just want to have fun” a hit of Cindy Lauper directly from the 80s. So this song became a sort... [Read more]

Oh Venus How He Longs to be Thee Oh Venus How He Longs to be Thee

By Diane Hirsch It’s probably Sandro Botticelli’s most recognized painting— Venus standing naked in a clam shell, two angels on one side and her maiden, ready to dress her, on the other. The Birth of Venus, painted by Botticelli in 1486, hangs in the famous Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Last week, a 25-year old Spanish tourist stripped naked... [Read more]

The Roman Colosseum Gets a Facelift The Roman Colosseum Gets a Facelift

If you are planning a trip to Rome, be prepared to see a new look for the Colosseum– scaffolding. A three-phase restoration project has cloaked the iconic landmark in metal tubing, giving it a strange hybrid look of antiquity meets modern. The project, which had been delayed for three years by consumer associations and trade unions, finally began... [Read more]

The Voice of Italy …. is a nun ? The Voice of Italy …. is a nun ?

Last night, on the Italian TV RAI 2, there was the second episode of the talent show named “The Voice of Italy”. It’s the same TV format of the US edition “The Voice”. In this Italian edition, the four coaches are four famous Italian singers: Noemi, Pierò Pelù, J-AX and Raffaella Carrà This episode was a “blind... [Read more]

“Sicilian Space Program” launched a Cannolo in the Space! “Sicilian Space Program” launched a Cannolo in the Space!

The “Cannolo” , the typical pastry of Sicily, was sent in the stratosphere in an experiment made by a group of young sicilians with a great sense of humour. These young guys acted as real spacecraft engineers of the homemade “Sicilian Space Program” and built a ‘Cannolo Transporter’ equipped with a GPS tracker... [Read more]

Escape from Winter Escape from Winter

By Diane Hirsch Looking out my window at all the snow and ice, I can’t help but wonder if winter will ever end. The northeastern part of the U.S. has been particularly cold and snowy this winter, giving me a serious case of the winter blues. It’s colder here than in Sochi, Russia where the winter Olympics are taking place. I used to like winter,... [Read more]

This is Genealogy! This is Genealogy!

Genealogy is passion. In this videoclip, our great friend Alessandro shows us some of his research work in the old archives in a small italian town. It’s such a hard job and only Italy-based genealogists like him can carry it on and explore family history fisrt-hand: leafing and reading the old handwritten books, page by page. Genealogy for us is... [Read more]

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