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Bringing life to Rushmore

The famous sculpture Mount Rushmore Memorial, the “mountain of presidents”, perhaps the best known monument of the United States, has among its authors also an Italian. Originally from Meduno, in the Pordenone area, he was called Luigi Del Bianco and was chief carver, but only recently, thanks to the stubbornness of his heirs, this role... [Read more]

Roman Hideaway (part 2)

by Mark Russell First part is here My absolute favorite destination on the Caelian Hill and, in fact, all of Rome is perched on its north-eastern slope, a short walk from the Colosseum or St. John Lateran. This is the fortified twelfth-century church and convent of Santi Quattro Coronati dedicated to four early-Christian sculptors martyred by order... [Read more]

Roman Hideaway (part 1)

by Mark Russell Hot and bothered. That’s one way to describe Rome during the summer months. To be honest, I enjoy the city’s vitality, be it in the clamorous Piazza Navona or Campo de’ Fiori; in the Pantheon’s hushed and cavernous perfection; in the metro and on the broiling buses full to bursting; or along the crowded sidewalks of the Corso... [Read more]

ItalianSide for … Japan ! ItalianSide for … Japan !

Italians are everywhere! We know this and we had a new proof since we built the map of the visitors of With more than 700.000 visitors in 2015 ItalianSide was accessed by almost every country in the world! And, for the first time we made a genealogy research for… Japan! Phil Barbieri is from the US but now he lives in northern... [Read more]

Would you Like a Little Grated Wood on your Pasta, Ma’am?

Most of us know that the grated Parmesan cheese sitting on the supermarket shelf or on the table of your local pizzeria is not the stuff that culinary dreams are made of. For grated cheese to be able to sit for months on a store shelf, it must contain preservatives and an anti-clumping agent. Powdered cellulose, the additive of choice, is made by... [Read more]

What A Birth Record Looks Like What A Birth Record Looks Like

Many readers ask us what kind of info are available on the Italian Civil Records. This is a sample of a birth record issued in Italy during last decades of 1800. Going back in time the form is different, in the first years of 1800 it was just hand written. As you can see there are many useful information about our ancestors! We numbered the main info... [Read more]

Rocco’s Store Rocco’s Store

ItalianSide and master artist Rocco Persia are happy to present a truly distinctive work of art that can be customized to celebrate your family history. On a background with a town, ship or flags, you can add figures that represent your ancestors’ emigration from Italy to their adopted country. What a perfect gift it would make for your... [Read more]

NY Loves Moliterno! NY Loves Moliterno!

We just received this message from our friend Camille Di Trani. In the past weeks we helped Camille to find her Italian roots. Without the birth town of her family it was really as difficult as to search a needle in a haystack. But our great (professional) genealogists were able to solve this mistery: Camille’s ancestors were from Moliterno (Potenza... [Read more]

Honoring a family: Italian Roots in Ripacandida

Would you like to share your family memories on ItalianSide? Write to We just received this story from Linda Hoffman. We helped Linda to know more about her family in Ripacandida (Potenza). Here is my story. I never knew my grandparents, they passed away before I was born, but I grew up in a huge Italian family. My mother... [Read more]

Sailing to Palermo (part 2)

by Mark Russell First part is here But what truly confirms Palermo’s significance as a city of international art-historical importance is its Norman architecture. The Normans came to Sicily in the eleventh century and their architectural achievements are dotted around the city. San Cataldo, the church of La Magione, and San Giovanni degli... [Read more]

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