Provinces of Abruzzo
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Provincia di Chieti Provincia dell'Aquila Provincia di Pescara Provincia di Teramo


  1. J. Borrelli says:

    Does anyone know the history behind LaSenora, the dancing doll? Our family has a picnic every year with the ancestors from a small village/town called Villavallelonga. At the end of this gathering, a large dancing doll comes out (our family members get under it – it’s like a life-size puppet in a way).
    My grandmother passed away several years so we no longer have her to give us that history. The younger kids in our family are now asking questions about.
    If anyone has any knowledge about this tradition, can you please e-mail me?
    Thank you!

  2. Pamela says:


    I am looking for my son’s ancestors in Abruzzo Italy. I do not know the province.
    Is this an impossible task?
    His great grandfathers name is Tony. He came to America to Indiana then went back to Italy to marry Mary. Then returned to Indiana. They had a son, Robert and a daughter, Lida.
    Any suggestions?

    Thank you so much,

  3. dorindo dimartino says:

    buon giorno sono abruzzese americano.amici e cugini sono da Pescara. ciao

    • Judy says:

      trying to get names of parents of Guiseppe Fortunato Franceschini b. 1888 or ’89
      father born in France mother in Italy….
      can you give me a hint as to what site to go???
      my gradmother was born in Pescara

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