Real Estate and Properties in Italy

Real estate and Properties in Italy: Investment opportunities

A slice of authentic Italy at affordable prices

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Much of Italy has still to be discovered by the outside world with its enchanting and unspoiled regions steeped in history and where mountains, countryside and coastlines offer a huge diversity of natural beauty.
  Many areas are untouched by mass tourism but are brimming with life and with activities and attractions generated by a generous and lively people.
This is where you can find the authentic Italy.
Where time stands still.
A slice of this lifestyle can be very affordable.
In regions such as Basilicata, low property prices allow the dream of owning a home in Italy to become a reality. (here are some opportunities)


Restored properties in quintessential Italian hill-top villages, with breathtaking views can be found from euros 15,000. If you are looking to enjoy your glass of wine in a bar where the locals are still in the majority, and make friends with neighbours who welcome you into their homes and proudly share their local heritage, this is the place to be.