Walking on the Edge of the Sky…

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May 3, 2014
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May 23, 2014

“And suddenly you realize that you’ve been walking like on the edge of paradise”.

Apparently enough, this is what many hikers and travelers must have thought when looking at the stunning views beneath them, delighted of the once-in-a-lifetime experience they were having on this unexpected side of the Amalfi Coast, along the world famed “Sentiero degli Dei”, or also the Path of Gods. How could a simple walk deserve such a romantic title? pathofgods

Well, if you ever come here and complete this peculiar walk, which is one of the many stunning paths of the area, you would get a sense of why Roman and Greek Gods should have chosen this place rather than Olympus.

sentierodei1 Owing its name also to the copious Roman temples that once stood on the track, the path is the unequivocal highlight of walking the Amalfi Coast. Today it is still used by farmers, woodsmen and shepherds, as it touches old vineyards clung to the mountain, where a typical grape is cultivated, called per’ ‘e palumm’ (i.e. dove’s foot).
The path starts from Bomerano, namely a little hamlet of Agerola, in the province of Naples, at the foot of the Sant’Angelo a Tre Pizzi mountain. After an asphalted street, you will continue through the bizarre rocky cliffs of Grotta del Biscotto. Here you’ll start wanting to take your camera if you wish to capture the mesmerizing views on the Bay of Naples and even Capri on a clear sky day. Continue on the path, which is surrounded by typical Mediterranean plants, while crossing wild precipices and caves.

Once passed over the ruins of a farmhouse, the trail starts offering outstanding views on Praiano, Positano, Li Galli islets and Capri on the background. Going down to the valley floor, you will be at the foot of a craggy rock, over which the member of CAI (Club of Italian Alpinists) placed a tombstone, in memory of Giustino Fortunato (the economist who named the walk as we know it today).

A few meters after the pass of Colle La Serra, you will leave on the left side a path to Praiano, while continuing on a wonderful itinerary marked by the Italian Hiking Federation. You will then end up in Nocelle, a tiny village which was once and still is not reachable by car. sentierodei2

It’s just there that the path ends, beneath the Montepertuso (the hole mountain), named after a story of the Virgin Mary who once protected the village by putting her finger on the mountain and leaving a hole as a mark. Most hikers of the Path though go ahead in descending a 1700-step staircase downward to reach Positano, which lies in its beauty above the glittering sea.

limoni1 Whether you are a trekking fanatic or you remember your ancestors came from this area or from anywhere else in Campania, you may consider booking one of our famed “Back to your Roots” ancestral tours. If wished, we will include a guided excursion along the mountain cliffs of such a wonderful path. It will be a one-of-a-kind experience, and you’ll never look at an Italian vacation the same again!