The Voice of Italy …. is a nun ?

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Last night, on the Italian TV RAI 2, there was the second episode of the talent show named “The Voice of Italy”.
It’s the same TV format of the US edition “The Voice”. In this Italian edition, the four coaches are four famous Italian singers: Noemi, Pierò Pelù, J-AX and Raffaella Carrà
This episode was a “blind audition”: the singer performs and four “coaches” just listen to the voice without seeing him/her.
The song was Alicia Keys’ “No One”. The voice was perfect and the coaches approved of her quickly.

When the coaches turned to see the singer, their surprised faces were a highlight of the show: the great singer is a nun!

Suor Cristina comes from Sicily, she is 25 years old and she dreams to be a singer since she was a little child.
when Raffaella Carra asked her why she decided to be on the show, Suor Cristina answers: “Ho un dono… ve lo dono!” (I have a gift and I give it to you!)

And then when they ask what does she think the Vatican will tell about her presence here on the stage, Suor Cristina says, “Well, I’m waiting for the call of Pope Francis. God does not take anything away from us, rather gives us even more, that’s why I’m here!”

The two men, J-AX a rapper and Piero Pelù a rocker, are the most excited and moved by the words of Suor Cristina

And at the end Suor Cristina choose to be in the J-AX team.

This was not “Sister act”: this is Italy and she is a great singer!

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  1. Lina says:

    It was great.. makes her even more special because she is a nun. Never before on the Voice have I seen a nun perform and I watch every show in America that is.. Wish her lots of luck and I do hope after this show ends you will publish how she ended up, because I do not have RAI TV. Thanks

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