Marina and Her Diary of Travel in Argentina

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Il Mio Viaggio di Ritorno a Buenos Aires is a wonderful account by Marina Gabrieli of her anticipated return to the city that has changed her life.
Three years ago Marina had spent seven months studying at the University of Buenos Aires and was struck by the people of Italian descent that she met, their continuation of Italian traditions, and their strong emotional ties to their homeland.

She speaks beautifully of her own connection to Buenos Aires and how she feels she has been living between two worlds since her first visit.
She now returns to pursue her Ph.D. research to explore the roots of Italians living abroad and why the first few generations continue the traditions of their homeland.
You can’t help but feel excited for her as the plane lands and we look forward to the next installment as she shares her adventures with ItalianSide readers.
Buon viaggio Marina!
You can read Marina’s Diary from Argentina on ItalianSide here


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  1. Glenn Rossi says:

    Great story. My grandmother’s sister from Corleto Perticara, Italy, also immigrated to Argentina near the town of Rosario. My dad & his brother had visited our cousins there in the 1960’s, and I would love to visit Argentina some day. What an exciting time for Marina! I hope she makes it back there! :-)

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