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August 17, 2013
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August 29, 2013

We received this article from our reader Gerri Baluch and we gladly publish it

Third edition of the National Day “Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” that involves doctors, volunteers and
hospital clowns in the Italian squares is back on september 28.
The target is: new bone marrow young donors recruitment

Year after year, the national event “Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” is showing the right way to enroll new potential bone marrow young donor in the Italian Registry (IBMDR).
In September 2011 1.859 young people were recruited in the Italian squares (973 persons promised to give their consent be typed in the following days).
Last year, in September, 3.175 new registration in the Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry (plus other 864 in the following days).
This year? We hope to enroll more than 4000 new donors, this result would be a great step forward to the goal of 500.000 members, this is the target that the Registry would like to hit in the coming years ( at the moment the Registry counts 340.000 potential active donors, 420.000 registered in total since the beginning of IBMDR activity in 1989).

Last years the success of this drive was possible thanks to ADMO volunteers and hospital clowns of VIP (Viviamo in Positivo Italia Onlus Federation).
In fact they animated 56 Italian squares involving young people between 18 and 35 years.
As stated Nicoletta Sacchi, IBMDR Director, (IBMDR is based at Galliera Hospital in Genoa):
“The 2012 event was a real historic achievement that allowed us to recruit new potential donors offering more hope to people waiting for a transplant.
Leukemia affects, only in Italy, 1.500 new
patients every year”.
Bone marrow transplant is the only hope of cure and life for leukemic and other hematologic disease patients: only one patient out of four have donor among siblings. For the others, the only chance is to find a compatible donor in the world (1 out of 100.000).
This year the event will have an international scenario.
The ADMO Italian Federation President, Paola De Angelis confirms: “French and Spanish Registries informed us that in the same day they
will dedicate September 28th to bone marrow donation in their respective country as in Italy”.
“Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” was born in 2010 as a local event, in 2011 it became the Italian national day of awareness for bone marrow donation.
Nowadays it becomes an international day for the promotion of haematopoietic stem cell donation.
As Riccardo Castellaro, clown Furbetto, says “ This dream was born in 2010, when my brother Stefano and I were ready for the second transplant. The project was thought not only for my brother but for people we met on our way, fighting for life! We tried to cure Stefano’s disease till the end, we tried to win this battle thanks to the fact that he had me, a related compatible donor. Too many people do not have the possibility at all to try to win this battle”.
This year “Ehi tu! Hai midollo?” hosts the comic actor Domenico De Pasquale, well known as “Mingo” – special reporter of the TV show “Striscia la Notizia”- who prepared a special advertisement for this day.
The event is organized by ADMO Bone Marrow Donor Association, VIP Viviamo in Positivo Italia Onlus Federation in collaboration with IBMDR Italian Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

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