The New ItalianSide Community: World-Wide Italian Roots!

Many of you have asked for information regarding your ancestors and their hometowns. We felt the best way to meet your needs was to create a community where all our readers can share information.
Come join the ITALIANSIDE COMMUNITY and share our passion for Italy.
Explore your ancestors’ home towns, surnames, dual citizenship and genealogy.

You will find groups for specific areas and regions of Italy where you may find someone who can answer your questions or someone ready to help you with genealogical research
Meet others whose ancestors are from the same village as yours and maybe even find distant relatives.

And new groups are coming! (Learning Italian, Italian Cuisine, Traveling to Italy, Italian Real Estate …and so on)

Be a part of the growing number of ItalianSide readers delving deeper into their roots.



5 Comments to “The New ItalianSide Community: World-Wide Italian Roots!”
  1. nellie says:

    Hello, just recently found your site, yeah! at My grandfather and grandmother were born in the Tuscany region. My gfather in Castellina Marittima and gmother in Lari. I maybe coming to Italy in June with a group of friends, what can I do and prepare to do a little research in a short amount of time I will be there? Thank you, ciao

  2. donald antonangeli says:

    I have registered with italianside community but i have not seen any confirmation that I am a member. how will I know? Can someone out there help? grazie.

  3. Diane Taylor says:

    Hurry with more groups, especially for those of us who love Italy even though we don’t have any Italian relatives. I’m planning on my 4th trip this year.

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