Basilicata Award “Lucani Insigni 2013”

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The regional government of Basilicata has issued notice for the award “Lucani Insigni 2013”.

The region will give the award to four Italian and foreigner individuals, residing in Italy or abroad, who have achieved distinguished merit in the social, scientific, artistic and literary fields or four personalities involved in the diffusion and knowledge of the Lucan identity.

A Commission established for this purpose will evaluate the requests.

The application expires on February 28 2013

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2 Comments to “Basilicata Award “Lucani Insigni 2013””
  1. Graeme says:

    I would like to recieve pictures of Basilicata,Potanza & family’s histroy.
    old villages& towns,database roots.

  2. Adelina Spagnolia says:

    I would like to receive a picture of Ruvodelmonte, Basilicata, Potanza as I have marked the Facebook page with LIKE.
    Thank you.

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