The force of memory

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April 7, 2012
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April 15, 2012

This video is named “Terra del vento” (Land of wind): it’s about the sad fate of a small Italian village.
Yesterday a place full of life, now only a land of wind.

A history of centuries now likely to be irretrievably lost.

Our ancestors leaving their village used to say: “Gente del paese mio, statevi bene e qualche volta parlate di me” (People of my village, stay healthy and sometimes…. talk about me!)
There’s nothing worse than being forgotten.

This is the force of memory…so…now it’s our turn:
“let’s stay healthy and sometimes… let’s talk about our roots!”


  1. Karol Griffin says:

    This looks just like what we say this year while visiting Italy,,,,what a lovely area….and to think the villages must have all loked alike at this time of OUR history…..Our ancestors did toil and reap the benefits of the land and were so thankful for it….they honored their land!
    Today people take these things for granted and the simple lifestyles then were much more healthy and contributed to the great “Imoprtance of Familia”…
    God bless all these memories and the generation that were and that followed..
    thank you for sharring this tribute….

    • Lorraine Bria says:

      Reminds me of the first time I went to Italy. Cosenza (Santa Sofia) 1962. I love this. Makes me think of my grandparents and parents coming to America in 1921

  2. Silvana says:

    This is really sad…it reminds me of my mother’s nativie village in Calabria, Southern Italy…Not so long ago numbered about 600 people and was full of life! Now, after the mass migrations in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s towards Northern Italy, the Americas and Oceania, only 16 inhabitants are left. It’s heartwrenching to see photographs of the village with most of the houses now reduced to a pile of rubble…

  3. Gloria DiCorte Koehler says:

    I was wondering if this video shows the old town of Poggioreale, which was destroyed by an earthquake and had to be rebuilt?

  4. Randy says:

    i am visiting Forchia Italy today which is a village Northeast of Naples for the first time. my great grandparents were from there. it truly has been an experience.I traveled to Forchia from Washington state.

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