Roman holiday today

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We found this lovely video about Rome.
It’s kind of a game comparing Rome in “Roman Holiday” movie (1953) and Rome today.

Rome is always the Ethernal City but it changes !
In this video we can see how the filming locations look today.
If you have already been in Rome you will be able to identify many typical touristic places.
In any case this video is a good opportunity to stroll with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck around “la Capitale”
The italian song is “Vacanze Romane” (Roman Holidays) by Matia Bazar.

Lovely. Enjoy!


2 Comments to “Roman holiday today”
  1. Diane Hirsch says:

    Not too many things can upstage the handsome Gregory Peck, but Rome herself can! I loved the old/new montages, so perfectly done!

  2. Gloria Valenti Denaro says:

    Just beautiful, I’ve been in Rome only once, never got the opportunity to go back.
    I loved Italy when I was there, my grandparents were born there. In Basilicata and in Sicily.
    Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck looked so good, nice and young. Her waist is so small, hard to believe.

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