Lucio Dalla and his genius: ciao Maestro !

The World of ItalianSide or the Italian Side of the World (january-february 2012)
February 20, 2012
Flying with cranes: a breathtaking Venice view
March 3, 2012
Lucio Dalla died suddenly at age 69 during a tour in Switzerland.
He perfomed on Italian TV for the last time few days ago during Sanremo Festival
Born in Bologna, with his music, Lucio wrote the soundtrack of our generation in Italy.
His songs are part of the history of Italian music. Forever.
There are no many words to say.
We would like to remember him here on ItalianSide with two of his songs:
among his greatest hits, we chose Caruso and “Anna e Marco” (Live in Tindari – Sicily)
For all those who knew him and loved his music and for all those who didn’t know him but will sing his songs.

Ciao Maestro e… Grazie !