Learning Italian: relatives – parenti part 2

This is our second post/lesson about Italian family’s members: we hope that everything was ok with the first one.
For people interested in their “Italian Side” it is important to give the right name in Italian to understand “la famiglia”.
As in the first post, we added the Italian pronunciation.
In this way we hope that you will be able to learn some italian words related to family.

Here is the second list of useful words. Next week we will publish the new list of words
The first lesson is here
If you click on the icon you will hear the Italian pronunciation spoken by native Italians.

Relative = PARENTE

Relatives = PARENTI

Grandfather = NONNO

Grandmother = NONNA

Grandparents = NONNI

Uncle = ZIO

Aunt= ZIA

Uncles = ZII

Aunts = ZIE

Cousin (m) = CUGINO

Cousin (f) = CUGINA

Cousins (m or/and f) = CUGINI

Cousins (only f) = CUGINE

Grandchild/Grandson/Granddaughter/Nephew/Niece = NIPOTE

Grandchildren/Grandsons/Granddaughters/Nephews/Nieces = NIPOTI

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3 Comments to “Learning Italian: relatives – parenti part 2”
  1. Gabriele says:

    Siblings who share both parents are “bilaterali”. Specifically, they are named “carnali” or “germani”.

    Siblings who have only one parent in common are “unilaterali”. Specifically, if the siblings share only the father, they are named “consanguinei”, while if they share only the mother, they are named “uterini”.

  2. Anthony says:

    Viewing an Atto di Morte of an ancestor the two reporters were described as “fratello del defunto” and “germano del defunto”. Why would this distinction be made for two brothers?

  3. Florence says:

    I am pressing the icon but I do not hear the pronounciation. No sound is coming.

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