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April 3, 2012
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April 14, 2012

We just added a new feature to
The Italian towns and cities database.
Even if at we have all the 8100 Italian towns, many of our visitors write us wondering why they can’t find their ancestors’ towns on our Internet site.
Reading their requests, we found that in many cases they are not able to spell exactly the name of their ancestors Italian town.

With this useful tool anyone can enter even few characters to find what Italian towns match.
You can search towns “starting with” or “containing” or “ending” strings.
Another big issue is the old names of the italian towns.
More than 2500 villages and towns changed in some way their names over the course of last century in Italy and more than 2000 municipalities were suppressed: it means that people who listened the town’s name from their ancestors could not be able to find it at today.
That’s why we added the database of old italian towns

Number of Italian municipalities from 1861 to 2012

In this way you have 2 powerful tools to find your Italian town!

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