Learning Italian part 3: family in law

This is our third post/lesson about Italian family’s members: we hope that everything was ok with the others.
This is about relatives “in-law”
For people interested in their “Italian Side” it is important to give the right name in Italian to understand “la famiglia”.
As always we added the Italian pronunciation.
In this way we hope that you will be able to learn some italian words related to family.

Here is the third list of useful words.

The first list is here

The second list is here

If you click on the icon you will hear the Italian pronunciation spoken by native Italians.

Relative = PARENTE


Father in law = SUOCERO

Mother in law = SUOCERA

Parents in law = SUOCERI

Brother in law = COGNATO

Sister in law= COGNATA

Son in law = GENERO

Daughter in law = NUORA

son’s/daughter’s father-in-law = CONSUOCERO

son’s/daughter’s mother-in-law = CONSUOCERA

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