Basilicata Basilicata and… Basilicata again !

“I discovered Basilicata”: a new video from this region
January 8, 2012
Colors of Puglia
January 19, 2012

Another new video from Basilicata. This Region worth a visit !
It’s from the Regional initiative “Digital Diary of Basilicata”.
7 young video makers were invited in Basilicata to explore the Region.
At the end of their experience, they published their travel diaries in short videos.
For today we selected this one: we like it very much!
The title is “life is Beautiful”: a perfect title for a beautiful region !

Would you like to travel to Basilicata ? Have a look here

In next days we will add other videos from this contest.


  1. Monika says:

    It is so beautiful there and the people seem happy to live in such an unspoiled place. Made me smile to watch it.

  2. Ron Merlino says:

    I very much enjoyed this video of Basilicata. Vietri di Potenza is my nonna’s birthplace. I hope to get there this year.
    Many thanks to for providing us with the beauty and magnificance of Italy and it’s people.

    • Marianne says:

      I was very fortunate to travel to the Basilicata region this year and visit the birthplace of my ancestors. I was so impressed by the natural beauty of these southern Italy towns and the people friendly and very proud of their heritage. Thank you for this beautiful video which captures the essence.

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