ItalianSide 2013 calendars: a preview

Here at, we just finished our 2013 Italian regional calendars.
A calendar for many Italian region (here you can see a preview of calendar of Abruzzo region).

It’s a precious and original Christmas gift for everyone with Italian roots.

A good way to remember every day our “bella Italia” and our loved ones.
New calendars are already available in our store

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Would you like to personalize your Italian calendar adding a photo of your Italian town?
Just write us and ask: we will tell you if we have a good picture of your town to add to your calendar.
Book your calendar in advance: so we will have time to check in our photo archives and to personalize your calendar!
If you want you could personalize your calendar by yourself changing pictures in the “personalize it!” section
For any further information please write to


12 Comments to “ItalianSide 2013 calendars: a preview”
  1. Diane H. says:

    I just received my Basilicata calendar and it’s as nice as I hoped it would be. It took only a week to get through the mail and I’m impressed with the quality. Now I’ll have a reminder of my Italian heritage with me throughout the year. Well done–Thank you!

  2. B Frattura says:

    Do you have any pictures of Fallo, Italy? My father-in-law was born there and has never been able to go back to visit.

    • Michele says:

      yes, we have pictures of Fallo

      • B Frattura says:

        THANK YOU! That’s wonderful! How would I go about ordering it? If I wanted to add some photos of family how would I do that? My father-in-law will be so shocked he’ll probably cry getting this! Since he can’t get back to Italy, I thought why not bring it to him!

        • Michele says:

          If you want, you can replace the pictures in the calendar with your family picture.
          You can change the picture by yourself personalizing your calendar.
          (just go to the calendar and change the pictures from the right)
          Remember to use a good quality pictures to obtain a good print !



  4. Fil Vandertuin says:

    Do you have any photos of Grottaminarda?

    • Michele says:

      Yes we have pictures of Grottaminarda

      • Fil Vandertuin says:

        I would like a calendar and would like to put some of my photos in if I cam. How can I do that and how long would it take to get to me in Australia. Could I have calendars sent to Italy, and would they get there before Christmas?
        Fil Vandertuin, australia

        • Michele says:

          Ciao Fil,
          regarding your question, we don’t know how long it could take.
          As you know, is based in Italy but the calendars are manufactured in the USA and delivered from there.

  5. Ida Scullion says:

    How do I get a calendar

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