The “Presepe” an Italian tradition for Christmas

Traditionally, every Italian family has a nativity scene at home for Christmas.
The Italian name of the representation of nativity is “Presepe” (crib).
There is no Christmas without “Presepe”.

Small or large, the nativity is not lacking in Italian homes, to the delight of children and adults.
In the beginning of December families prepare their own “Presepe”.

In Naples, the tradition of “Presepe” becomes art.

We selected these two videos to give you an idea of what the Presepe is.
You will see how Naples is preparing for the arrival of Christmas, as every year.

The street of San Gregorio Armeno, in Naples, is the heart of the Italian tradition of nativity scenes.
Take a walk with us and look at the small craftworks, in which the sacred joins to the profane.
Between traditional and religious figures, every year politicians, athletes, entertainers, become new puppets to add to the Presepe.
Small works of art made ​​by our artisans who carry on over the centuries this wonderful Italian tradition.

Here the first video:

And here the second.


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  1. gloria says:

    The tradition of presepe differs from region to region in Italy. The most beautiful nativity scenes come either from Neaples or form the the Dolomites. The art of presepe is ancient and precious, we Italians love the atmosphere it creates in our houses and churches.

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