Introducing Matera

Have you ever been in Matera ? Maybe not.
Matera is in Basilicata and the old side of the town, named “Sassi” (Stones) with its houses carved in the rocks, is in the world heritage list of UNESCO.
Have you ever heard of Matera? Maybe not.
but I am sure that many of you have seen Matera (even if you do not know it) Perhaps is Mel Gibson movie “The Passion” ?
Yes, a large part of that movie was shot in Matera, to be precise in “Sassi of Matera”.

Click on the picture!

Matera is a wonderful place and it definitely worth a visit in your next trip in Italy.

Click on the picture above and see a 360 degrees picture of “Sassi di Matera” “di giorno” (by day) and then “di notte” (by night)
It’s a magic place ! Isn’t it ?


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  1. Jo Tedesco says:

    We were in Matera about 5 years ago. I thought it was beautiful. We went to the musueum which had paintings by Carlo Levi – Villa ??? it was really intereting and the people there were very nowledgeable and kind.

    I intend to go back and stay a week.

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