Database of Italian Surnames

Our Italian Surnames Database is online.
You can search for your Italian Surname in our Database.

Currently there are around 100.000 Italian Surnames.
(and it’s growing !)
We will try to update it constantly.

You can find our database HERE
If your surname is in our database, you will be able to see where in Italy there are families with your same surname.
If your surname is not, don’t give up and follow our tips to find it !


3 Comments to “Database of Italian Surnames”
  1. Josephine Saveriano says:

    I am in the process of doing a genealogy researcch on my husbands family.
    Could you advise me as to where or who I can contact that could help me with my research. His family originated in Mercogliano as per a ship manifest that I was able to obtain. Thank you

  2. Mary Mamalakis says:

    Hello, Would you have in your archives any old photos of Piazza di Brancoli, a small parish about 12 miles north of Lucca in the mountains?

    Thank you, Mary Mamalakis

  3. Scerbo says:

    Marcellinara area.

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