Nuts with Pasta an old recipe from Basilicata

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And this is an old recipe from Accettura near Matera in Basilicata.
It’s “Pasta con le noci”: “Nuts with Pasta”!

Hope you will enjoy this video (and the Pasta too!)


2 Comments to “Nuts with Pasta an old recipe from Basilicata”
  1. Ciro Arnone says:

    Would like to have the list of all the ingredients, thank you

    • Dif says:

      They actually do name each ingredient.

      But to help you:
      Lightly pureed tomatoes + a little tomato paste
      Toasted hazelnuts (take raw and toast in oven for 5 mins)
      (to remove skins, rub them while still hot with a clean towel)
      Capers (small size)
      Green Olives (pitted)
      Chili pepper
      Anchovies (chopped)

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