Discover the Italian Side of life : a week in Basilicata with us

Deep fried mozzarella sandwich ( mozzarella in carrozza )
October 29, 2011
What would America be without the contributions of Italy and Italian-Americans ?
November 1, 2011

A sample of our ancestry tours in Basilicata with our selected incoming partner

Duration: 7 Days/6 Nights Closest airport: Bari (54 km from Matera)
Day 1- Introducing Basilicata
Arrival in Matera and accommodation in the hotel. Light lunch with tasting of local cheeses and salami from the mountains of Matera. Afternoon visit to the Sassi (Unesco World Heritage): from the Baroque to the Neolithic Period. Dinner in a typical restaurant in the Sassi. Overnight stay.
Day 2 – Bread from Matera –the simple life of long ago
Bread workshop in the morning, in an old wood-burning bakery, where the traditional bread from Matera is made. A short walk on the Murgia plateau in search of the archaeological treasures of the Rock Church Park. Lunch on a farm surrounded by golden hills. A walk on the hills and return to Matera. Dinner on your own and overnight stay.
Day 3– Welcome to your Italian town
Journey to your ancestors town.
Discovering the old town: mother church, historical buildings, old streets, charming views, artisans at work, sightseeings.
Light lunch.
Visiting the streets where they lived, the church where they married.
Talking with people: hearing the dialect.
Any distant cousin?
Sunset in your town
Dinner and overnight stay in a hotel in the town or surroundings.
Day 4 – A day in your ancestors town
A coffee in the bar, a walk in the piazza: live the typical Italian morning in a slow and relaxing way.
Visit to the Municipality, taking original certificates of your ancestors at Registry office.
Would you like to meet the mayor ?
A thought to our beloved: a visit to the cemetery.
There is still the home where they lived?
Sunset in your town
Dinner and overnight stay in a hotel in the town or surroundings.
Day 5 – Venosa and the Aglianico Wine – Cellars and Mountains
Journey to Venosa, an old Roman town where the Latin poet Horatio (Carpe Diem) was born. Tour of the town and wine tasting in a cellar. Light lunch and journey to Trivigno, accommodation in an agritourism in the mountains (at a height of 1000 metres) where you can go for walks surrounded by the green prairies of the Southern Apennine, with a wonderful view of the Lucanian Dolomites. Dinner and overnight stay.
Day 6 – Cookery course – Grandma recipes in the heart of Basilicata
After breakfast transfer to Pietrapertosa and the Lucanian Dolomites. Back to Trivigno in the afternoon for the cookery course, which allows you to discover the traditional tastes of cooking in Lucania in 1870. Your grandma recipes !
Dinner and overnight stay.

Day 7 – Arrivederci !
Breakfast and end of services.

This is just an example and it can be the basis for longer tours.
Extend your visit to Apulia, the Amalfi Coast or even in Basilicata, walking through the National Pollino Park discovering its great culinary tradition.

content and activities of single days can be modified to suit your needs.
the sequence of days can be changed according to the distance of your city from main tourist attractions in the region

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  1. Magno says:

    Hello I am hoping to return to Italy. Colle SAN Magno is the place where my great grandfather was born. I hope to visit the municipal building to find his registration of birth. He came from this place but traveled with my great grandmother ( from Atina) to Scotland. I have visited Picinisco and Atina last year but did not have time for Colle S Magno but hope to do it this year. I would like to stay in Colle S Magno for 4 nights. Can you suggest anything? I will also return to Atina whilst I am there too.

  2. Anita says:

    Cousins just traced my ancestors to San Fele and Aviano? What’s the best way to get there ?

  3. Steve N. says:

    I will be in Venice this September and would like to get to Cavasso Nuovo – my grand fathers birthplace.
    Is there a day tour I can purchase to spend the day in Cavasso Nuovo with pick up in Venice?
    OR what options do I have getting from Venice to Cavasso Nuovo??

  4. Luisa Mastrangelo says:

    We have been visiting Matera, Alberobello,&surrundings 3 times .Beautiful area .We will visit again.We were there summer 2012!!!!!!! Ciao.

  5. Brian Grella says:

    My grandparents and mother are from Accetura. I will be traveling to italy this May and would like to go see where they were born. I am having trouble finding an option to get from naples to accetura. can you please help?

    • Michele says:

      Ciao Brian,
      My first suggestion is to rent a car in Naples to travel to Accettura. There are not many bus going to Accettura.
      If you would like to use public transportation, I suggest you to join our community ( In the community, if you add a topic with your question in the “TRAVEL TO ITALY” group , you will find someone able to give you routes and timetables to Accettura.

  6. John A Carpino wishes says:

    to come to the country my grandparents came from. They were both born and married in Belsito, Italy

  7. John A Carpino wishes says:

    I would love to travel to Belsito Italy where my Grandparents were born and married. Grandfather Giovanni Carpino Born 1862 Grandmother Rose Carpino born 1864. My life long dream would be to see the country my family came from!!!!!

  8. heather grealy says:

    hi. i am visiting Viggiano in sept this year. i am trying to trace where my heritage came from. i only know a few things. my grandfather’s name was Francesco Gargaro and he came with my grandmother and their three children, one named Vincenzo to Australia in 1900’s

  9. Patricia Villano says:

    please send some info on your trips

  10. Chris Gabbamonte says:

    My Great grandfather was Donato Gabbamonte also from the same place. Came to NY in 1894. I notice when I trace him back I run into your father as well.

  11. Elisa says:

    My sister and I visited Matera after a visit to Trulli. When we walked through the piazza and up to the rail we stopped in out tracks. What a sight to behold. We wandered through the area and couldn’t believe that people had lived there right up to the fifties. I also can see why Mel Gibson used it for the setting for the movie.We enjoyed the entire area. It was a wonderful experience. I would visit again.

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