Map of Basilicata

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Many people interested in travel to Italy asked us how to find good maps of Italian Regions.

BASILICATA MAP is the first one we put on for a trip in Basilicata.

Remember that Basilicata region is known even as Lucania (two names for this small italian region !)

You can download the travel map from here (Basilicata Map) (Pdf file – High res)

Italian tip:  MAP in Italian can be translated with mappa or carta geografica or cartina

Clic on the map to enlarge

Basilicata map

High res travel map of Basilicata here (Pdf file)


2 Comments to “Map of Basilicata”
  1. Graeme says:

    Could you tell me if you have a family in the of Cinquegrana that live in or used to live in Viggiano, my wife grandmother live there.
    If you have anything about that family let me know.

    • Michele says:

      Ciao Graeme !
      About Cinquegrana family: it’s a nice old surname, do u know already the meaning in italian ?

      For what we know, in Viggiano there are no more Cinquegrana today.

      You can check Italian surname map here to see where people with Cinquegrana surname live today in Italy.

      if you have any other question, or you need some help for your researches, just ask us.

      remember that will grow fast: in next days we will put online other things about towns of Basilicata (old pictures, stories and so on): there will be something on Viggiano too.

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